Cheap acoustic guitars. That phrase evokes images of scrap wood construction, poor fit and finish and very bad sound quality. The action on many was too high, the finger boards poorly finished and tuning machines were poorly made. Most of these beginner acoustic guitar were just difficult to play and sounded even worse. These shortcomings discouraged many beginning players so much that they just gave up trying to learn guitar. For years anyone who wanted an acoustic guitar to learn on, or the experienced player who wanted something to just bang on or pack with him to the woods for a weekend of camping, were stuck with poorly made instruments, with poorly seated and filed frets, buzzing strings and bodies and necks that warped and twisted. There was just no other option except to shell out big bucks for high end acoustic guitar brands.That was just not practical for many people.

Cheap Acoustic Guitars Doesn't Mean Poorly Made

Things have changed. These days cheap acoustic guitars doesn't necessarily mean poorly made. Today, with the use of lower cost wood varieties and the use of laminates and even plastic or graphite, a really well turned out cheap acoustic guitar can be had for a very reasonable price.This is very good news, especially for beginners, who don't want to or can't, part with $700 and up for a decent acoustic guitar. Several relatively newer guitar makers and the older names are producing cheap acoustic guitars off-shore and in this country that compare very well to the higher end models. The beginner or inexperienced player likely would not be able to distinguish between many of the cheap acoustic guitars being manufactured today and their higher end counterparts. Although an experienced player would be able to spot the difference in quality of the materials used, the finish and maybe the quality of the tuning machines, most would be astonished at the sound quality of many of these economy models that list for from around $500 on down to $100 dollars and even less.

Better Materials, Better Quality, in Today's Cheap Acoustic Guitars 

Even though solid top guitars are generally regarded as superior to laminate top guitars because of the solid top's flexibility, which gives them better tonal quality and loudness, you can easily find a truly well made laminated top cheap acoustic guitar for almost any budget. The solid tops start appearing up around the $300 range, but even that price is reasonable for a well built, great sounding instrument. Fortunately, their are many cheap acoustic guitar models on the market today for the beginning guitarist to choose from. Quality instruments at very reasonable prices are very easy to find. You just have to shop around, compare and find one that fits and is in the right price range.

Do Your Homework on Cheap Acoustic Guitars

Because their are many different styles and even sizes to choose from, you will need to spend an adequate amount of time on research and comparisons to narrow down your choices until you find that "this is it" guitar. What type of music will be played, ruggedness of construction and even HOW the guitar will be played should all be factored into the final decision.  Do you want a cutaway style or will you want steel or nylon strings? Can you live with some minor flaws in the finish or edging?  These factors and others such as, how comfortable is the action, is the neck the correct size and shape for your hand, color and ornamentation will all need to be considered when making your final decision. Doing your research, comparing features and styles, even soliciting advice from experienced players will pay off big time in the end. Your playing experience will be so much more enjoyable if you make informed decisions in the beginning. As I said at the top. Cheap Acoustic Guitars? Absolutely!