Simple Beginner Acoustic Guitars For Girls

If you're looking for a beginner acoustic guitar for your little girl because she decided she wants to be a rock star,or you want her to develop an interest in learning to play, you can go several different routes. You could spend  $350 dollars for a top of the line student model, only to find out after a few weeks that your daughter has lost interest, or doesn't want to put forth the time or effort to learn how to play- not a good situation for you. On the other hand you could spend next to nothing on what could only be classified as a toy guitar – also a huge mistake. Most, if not all, of these super cheap instruments are poorly made, sound awful, can't be tuned or will not stay tuned and tend to warp and fall apart very quickly. The cheap route is a surefire way to get your child to lose the desire to play, because, if sounds bad and is difficult to play, she is not going to stick with it. A toy is simply the wrong choice for  beginner acoustic guitars for girls.

Daisy Rock Beginner Acoustic  Guitars for Girls  Rocks!

There is, however, middle ground here. Let's look at two mid – range quality girls acoustic guitar brands. The first line I'll discuss is the Daisy Rock acoustic guitar line. Daisy Rock makes full size instruments also, but the smaller ones, suitable for the younger or smaller beginner are what you should take a look at. These are basic acoustic guitars for girls They have lightweight bodies and slimmer necks for a girl's smaller hands. They come in several colors, including pink and even glitter. Prices will range from under $100 to over $300 for some of the full size and acoustic-electric models. Many come with a gig bag included and you can also get your guitar in a starter package, which includes a strap, tuner and picks. Most young girls probably know that Hannah Montana played a Daisy rock, so, what little girl would not want one for her beginner acoustic guitar?


 Luna Minis and Petites

Luna is another brand that produces a smaller beginner acoustic guitar for girls small frames and also makes full size guitars. This brand will range from under $100 for a beginner acoustic guitar, to $1000 and over for top of the line, full size models. Several of these mini acoustic and petite sizes come with graphics in the finish and some have wonderful artwork finishes. Of course, if you prefer, you can buy them with the usual guitar finishes.

Beginner Acoustic Guitars for Girls – Three Things To Remember

Whatever brand, size or finish you you decide on for your girls acoustic guitar, just remember that moderately priced guitars for girls, that are of good quality and also sound great, can be found with a little time and effort. Also keep in mind that, in most cases, you get what you pay for. If your daughter is serious about learning,look for good sound quality, good construction and how the instrument fits the student. Focus on those three all important factors when choosing  beginner acoustic guitars for girls